1WOOD BULGARIA Ltd. specializes in the production, sale, export and supply of firewood, logs and sleepers from Bulgaria. The company performs the full range of activities related to finalizing the sale and receipt of the product to a chosen location. We have all necessary certificates and licenses for transactions in the country and abroad.Our success depends on meeting the challenges our customers bring to us and we look forward to being able to work with you, now or in the very near future to meet your needs.


2We have a trained team with long experience and expertise in precision organization of transport, administrative support and dealing in international markets. Our partners receive the right products they need to grow their presence in the timber market and WOOD BULGARIA Ltd in turn continues to expand to meet these ever-changing customer demands.


3WOOD BULGARIA Ltd. offers quality Bulgarian wooden products, such as beech, oak and cerris oak, with natural humidity between 25-35% and between 18-20% for kiln dried products.Our timber is completely environmentally-friendly, there is absolutely no thermic or chemical treatment applied.


 4Thanks to optimumal performance of all activities and services related to the trade of wooden and raw material WOOD BULGARIA Ltd. offers reasonable prices that do not affect the quality of goods and services.



6Our business is environmentally friendly. The production of wooden products is in accordance with the law, within the permitted quantities, species and areas only. Our company participates and funds a number of initiatives supporting the afforestation of mountainous areas and the environmental protection.

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